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Name Directory Official registration *Directory Size
(as of 2017.07.19.)
**Rsync server
 Rsync client
State Mirmon
Mirror monitor
Gimp /mirrors/pub/gimp 15 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::gimp online GIMP official mirror list

GIMP unofficial mirror list
GNU /mirrors/pub/gnu 2017.02.26. 77 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::gnu online GNU FTP mirror list
GNU Alpha /mirrors/pub/gnualpha 18 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::gnualpha online GNU Alpha mirror list
(Non)GNU Savannah /mirrors/pub/gnusavannah 51 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::gnusavannah online (Non)GNU Savannah mirror list

(Non)GNU Savannah mirmon
IPFire /mirrors/pub/ipfire 2017.01.23. 101 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::ipfire online IPFire mirmon
LibreOffice /mirrors/pub/tdf/libreoffice 2016.12.28. 53 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::tdf

online LibreOffice mirmon
Linux Mint /mirrors/linuxmint/ 2016.11.27. 409 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::linuxmint online Linux Mint ISO and repository mirror list
/mirrors/linuxmint/iso/ 330 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::linuxmint-iso online
/mirrors/linuxmint/packages/ 79 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::linuxmint-packages online
(only repository)
/mirrors/pub/manjaro 2017.01.26. 249 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::manjaro online Manjaro mirmon
/mirrors/pub/opensuse 2017.02.22. 79 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::opensuse online openSUSE mirmon
(only ISO)
/mirrors/pub/trisquel 2017.08.02. 18 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::trisquel online Trisquel mirmon
(only 3.0 LTS)
/mirrors/pub/uhu 17 GB mirror.infotronik.hu::uhu online n/a


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Currently supported protocols:    IPv4, http, rsync